Ugly and Brimm Collaborate!

In the fall of 2015, I had the wonderful opportunity to work on a collaborative piece between The Brothers Brimm and Ugly Apparel. The Brother's Brimm is an animated short, created by Christian Patchell (, you can get the full story on the creation of The Brother's Brimm Here:( We teamed up to create some merch for them as they prepared to enter the film festival circuit. The result was two eye-popping, brand new designs that share the Ugly and Brimm name. Each design was created to be both affordable and both Patch and I were involved in the design process, with him taking the lead on the "Driven" design, and I on the one we called "Meep". “You are basically getting the best of both worlds.” stated Patch, “You are getting a glimpse into the world of the Brothers Brimm through the eyes of Ugly Apparel.”

Patch is a fellow graduate of the University of the Arts, as well as former professor of mine-- sort of. I never actually took any of his classes, and we actually didn't meet until my last week in college at a critique for my final project. During that critique, I learned that Patch and I had a similar work process (and instantly regretted not having had him as a teacher!). During that crib he offered a lot of helpful advice and encouragement as I prepared to enter my work into the most prestigious (and stressful!) show of my college career: the dreaded Ely.

A short time after graduating, I heard he had released a book. I bought a copy, since his work had become rather influential to me since the critique where he had been so helpful. To attempt to describe to you how inspiring it was would not come close to doing it justice, I urge you to check it out for yourself: We ran into each other a year or so later at a charity event for the Philadelphia Draw-a-thon, where we shot the shit while drawing cartoons for charity. The experience prompted me to reach out to him for help in promoting my Kickstarter and he graciously accepted the offer to collaborate in the name of cross-promotion. After the Kickstarter campaign closed a success, Patch came to me with the idea for a Brimm + Ugly mash-up: the rest is history.

We had so much fun working together, we already have a million ideas for what to give you next. While you are waiting for the fruits of our next artventure, check out the cartoon and visit the store to get your very own Brim + Ugly merchandise.

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